Dr. Lee Merritt: Exposing and Dissecting Ukrainian Biolabs

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Dr. Lee Merritt is exposing and dissecting the recent Intel regarding the Ukrainian Biolabs and what their true use was going to be.

Dr. Merritt is currently engaged in fighting the fake Covid takedown of our world. She is an outspoken advocate for free-market “medicine” as opposed to government one-size-fits-none “healthcare”.

Russia has published documents that show Ukraine was working on biological weapons near the Russian border

With all of the disinformation coming out of Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion it is difficult to discern what is real and what is fake.

ASB News, an organization that breaks news on Russia and its military, published documents Russia claims show biological testing in Ukraine near the Russian border.

One document shows a list of the microbes being tested at the lab.

At least one of the documents has an RIA Novosti stamp on it — RIA Novosti is a Russian news site:

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