Doctor discovered Nano Razor Blades inside the Covid Vaccine. Found dead after his research went viral

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Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist and graphene expert published a video in which he claims Covid vaccines contain Graphene Hydroxide which works as Nano Razor Blades which slowly cuts through our blood vessels. 

He claims these razor blades are 0.1 nm thick and 50nm long and do not leave the body once inside because they are not biologically decomposable. He says he has studied Graphene Hydroxide for years and explains how Covid vaccines are the worst attack humanity has ever faced.

He explains the blood vessels have Epithel cells as their inner lining. The Epithel is extremely smooth like a mirror. When the vaccine is injected these particles circulate inside the bloodstream and attack the Epithel lining. That is why it is so dangerous because these vaccines will never leave the body. These are sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick. Doctor Noack was a specialist in activated carbon and he has converted graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide himself.

Please watch the video below:

We have seen many doctors and independent researchers saying the Covid vaccine contains graphene oxide. But this is the first one that says these nanoparticles can act as nano razor blades. Right now adverse effects of these injections are off the charts. We have athletes falling like flies, people permanently disabled, families destroyed while MSM is trying to normalize Myocarditis in children. Even the whistleblower from Pfizer proved the presence of Graphene Oxide inside these injections but Dr. Noack just took it to another level. If what he’s saying is true then none of the people who have these nanoparticles inside will survive.

He published the video on 23 November after which he was assaulted by some people and did not survive the attack. With so many people already with this poison inside their bodies fate of humanity really hangs on a thin string. Please pray for his loved ones as we don’t have many brave souls left in this world anymore.