DNA Collected From Test Kits Likely Being Used to Make Targeted Bioweapons

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American citizens may be contributing to their own demise in the form of targeted bioweapons. How? Because millions willingly hand over their DNA without a thought about the risks.

by JD Rucker

There are two general rules that should be considered before reading the story below. First, any time our government comes out with some seemingly off-the-wall warning, it’s because they know whatever they’re warning about is already happening. Second, Alex Jones and other “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right… again.

When news broke this weekend that a Democrat and a Republican both came out with warnings about DNA collection services selling our biological data to those who may mean us harm, several news organizations reported on it without seeing the bigger picture. Even Zero Hedge, which I generally respect as getting it right on most stories, glazed over the biggest implications of the story.

As they reported:

Two members of Congressional intelligence committees have warned Americans that information gathered from DNA testing kits such as 23andMe, as well as those used in agriculture, could be used to develop bioweapons targeting specific groups of Americans or even individuals.

Speaking on Friday at the Aspen Security Forum, Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, warned that Americans are too trusting with their DNA in the hands of private companies.

“There are now weapons under development, and developed, that are designed to target specific people,” said Crow, a former Army Ranger.

“You can’t have a discussion about this without talking about privacy and the protection of commercial data because expectations of privacy have degraded over the last 20 years,” he added. “Young folks actually have very little expectation of privacy, that’s what the polling and the data show.”

“That’s what this is, where you can actually take someone’s DNA, you know, their medical profile, and you can target a biological weapon that will kill that person or take them off the battlefield or make them inoperable.”

People will very rapidly spit into a cup and send it to 23andMe and get really interesting data about their background,” he continued, Fox News reports.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, expanded on that, adding that US adversaries could use the same technology to attack US food security – targeting livestock and crops to induce famine.

“If we look at food security and what can our adversaries do with biological weapons that are directed at our animal agriculture, at our agricultural sector … highly pathogenic avian influenza, African swine fever,” she said, adding: “All of these things have circulated around the globe, but if targeted by an adversary, we know that it brings about food insecurity. Food insecurity drives a lot of other insecurities around the globe.”

Obviously, that all sounds really bad. But as I scanned other articles on the topic at sources ranging from corporate media reports to “fringe” alternative media sites, I noticed nobody was drawing a connection to a separate story that has been suppressed and reemerged multiple times over the last two years. Perhaps my multiple discussions with Drs. Li Meng Yan, Sherri Tenpenny, and Carrie Madej have made me more conscious of it, but the biggest risk here is through race-targeted bioweapons, and more importantly their cures.

The Chinese Communist Party has had as one of its primary ambitions the development of diseases and toxins that can do harm to specific races. That has proven to be challenging, but what has more promise is the possibility of race-based vaccines and treatments. Knowing that certain races are able to fight off different diseases better than others means a race-specific immune response can be triggered more easily than a race-specific bioweapon itself. Moreover, allowing for everyone to be infected but for only certain races to be treated increases the rate of spread dramatically.

This is why it’s so important for them and other governments or organizations working on bioweapons to collect as many DNA samples as possible. They are looking for more than just commonalities inherent in certain races. They are seeking the deepest-rooted racial commonalities that have influence over immune response. If they can isolate ways of treating or vaccinating against a specific bioweapon, it will be much easier for them to spread that bioweapon widely.

As Zero Hedge pointed out, it’s not just DNA-ancestry companies that are worrisome:

In November, the LA County Sheriff’s department notified the LA County Board of Supervisors that LASD will not work with a China-linked genetics firm hired by the county to conduct Covid-19 testing and registration, after the FBI shared “very concerning information” about Fulgent Genetics Corporation – which was awarded a no-bid contract for the work.

“This letter is to inform you the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Department) will not participate in COVID-19 registering or testing with Fulgent Genetics Corporation (Fulgent), due to the fact the DNA data obtained is not guaranteed to be safe and secure from foreign governments and “will likely be shared with the Republic of China,“” wrote Sheriff Alex Villanueva in a Monday letter.

Could a bioweapon be used to attack people based on their DNA? Yes, and it’s very likely possible today. But it’s actually worse than that if you can imagine such a scenario. Moral of the story: Keep your DNA to yourself.