Disturbing Websites that show Govt. is hell bent on genetic manipulation

Disturbing Websites that show Govt. is hell bent on genetic manipulation

Dark Age of technology is upon us. Our governments are spending an insane amount of money on genetic manipulation and transhumanism technologies. Nuclear weapons are almost obsolete and new organisms with superhuman abilities and deadly viruses are getting manufactured.

This brave new world agenda of Cloning, body hacking, and consciousness sharing tools is scary and hard to digest. And comes with the package of our empowerment. Few websites who have existed for some years now are redefining technology and coming generations.


1. http://2045.com
According to human beings exist to consume and are literally a disease to this planet. Read their disgusting manifesto to believe it. They wish to eradicate the diseases and death by putting your consciousness inside an artificial body. And they even have the nerve to ask for a donation.

2. https://www.soulmachines.com
As the name suggests putting souls inside machines. They want to revolutionize the customer services arena by simply giving emotions to machines so they can be no less than a human. Digital humans are already here, just waiting for the implementation of 5G.

3. https://www.terasemmovementfoundation.com/
Well, their motto states the use of nanotechnology to increase life expectancy. To download all the human memories also known as mindfile into a biological or nanotechnological body to provide life experiences comparable to those of a typically birthed human. As it is stated in the Bible that one’s experience is one’s own. So they want to create a life form which has experience of limitless organisms which is clearly an abomination.

4. https://humanityplus.org
Another organization which wants to increase the limits of human body genetic engineering, stem cell cloning, and transgenesis. Since evolution is a very slow process and we are limited by the human body, they envision for an age in which cell phones, smart watches, and Google glasses can be embedded in the body itself.

5. https://transfigurism.org
This organization also supports genetic manipulation. But it does it in a unique way. In the name of Jesus Christ, we all should realize the diverse prophetic visions of transfiguration, immortality, resurrection, renewal of this world, discovery, and creation of worlds without end. Now where in the Bible it is mentioned that a man should yearn for immorality and resurrection. Ideals of this organization are satanic beyond belief.

6. http://www.cohack.life
Since we use devices like mobiles, computers for sharing information, communication and medical support. There is no reason we cannot create a device which can share the human experience. They hide behind the logic: if we are able to share consciousness, we would be able to transcend cultural, religious and geographical boundaries.

7. https://www.lucistrust.org/the_electric_bridge
Lucistrust was founded by Alice Bailey and she was the pupil of Madame Blavatsky. A search for a possibility that an electric bridge can be founded between this world and the spiritual realm. By rewiring our neurons and learning the nature of electricity that runs inside our body we can experience other realms.


The world of technology is spinning fast and we need more people to raise a voice. People are too busy to see what’s happening beneath their noses. Our children’s future is uncertain as they are taught to be programmed robots. Critical thinking is vanishing, and it has given the Elite an opening to speed up their agenda.

Our consciousness gives us this ability to experience this world. And our memories are the most precious treasure we have so hacking these two will certainly spell the end of the world.

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