Death of Joe Biden, the ritual of number 46 and the upcoming chaos

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Although many still refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden as their president. American media has already declared him the 46th president. This election has been the biggest farce in history but there is not a single thing we can do about it. 

We are heading into a great reset and the death of Joe Biden can act as a nice trigger for the events to come.

Why will Joe Biden need to be sacrificed?

This election had the number 46 written all over it. Here are a few key points

  • The Jesuits serve the Catholic Church and the Pope, and once again there are 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament, and the November 3rd election date was exactly 46 weeks after Pope Francis December 17th birthday.

  • Beau Biden, son of Joe Biden died at age 46, 1984 days before the November 3rd vote.

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death was also 46 days before the election.

  • And also on the day leaving 46 days in the year, November 15, Donald Trump acknowledged that Joe Biden is the 46th President-Elect.

I don’t think there could be these many coincidences. But the question is what’s that to do with the death of Joe Biden?

Ritual of number 46

Our DNA consists of 46 chromosomes. 22 pairs which are known as autosomes which look the same in both males and females and 23 pair is sex chromosomes which differ in males and females. 

But the thing is Satan doesn’t like humans and he wants every human to be marked with his seal so he could claim us to be his property. For that to happen he has to alter our God created DNA. 46 chromosomes should be replaced with 66 chromosomes, and sex hormones that make us male or female must be deleted, i.e. another 22 should be added to the existing 44 chromosomes.

The death of Joe Biden the 46th president and the destruction of 46 chromosomes are imminent. This is how they have carried out their rituals for decades. Whether it be sports or any other form of entertainment, numbers always hold significance. As the covid vaccine is round the corner, this will also mark the beginning of the tribulation period.

This is why they have planned all the chaos in 2021. Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ in which he mentions a cyber pandemic that could take down the power grid. I believe after the death of Joe Biden, Barack Obama will once again take the office because they simply cannot make Kamala the 47th president. 

Number 47 will belong to the antichrist. And until he appears that seat cannot be handed to anyone else.So, you should brace yourselves because we are headed into very very turbulent times. Put on the whole armor of God and believe in his works alone. For he is our only hope and salvation.