Yes, Covid Vaccines UNSET and ERASE Natural Immunity

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by Igor Chudov

Remember how vaccine skeptics told people who had Covid, that the vaccine would UNSET their natural immunity? We had anecdotal evidence. I know some previously infected people who got vaccinated and then went on to be reinfected after vaccination (some twice). Finally, we have an article with plenty of data provided, that confirmed that our concerns were valid.

An interesting new article came out from NEJM:

It discusses how effective was the Pfizer Covid vaccine among children. It is a large study that included 273,157 vaccinated children. What is extremely interesting is that they tracked, separately, four groups of children:

  • Unvaccinated children who did not have Covid (no immunity — naive comparison group for VE)
  • Unvaccinated children who had Covid (natural immunity)
  • Children who had Covid prior to vaccination (unset natural immunity)
  • Vaccinated children who never had Covid

The NEJM piece shows that children who had Covid and were subsequently vaccinated, were much more likely to get reinfected than their peers who also had Covid, and were NOT vaccinated.

In other words, for kids who had Covid, getting them vaccinated made them much more susceptible to reinfections. They should have stayed unvaccinated!

Look at the figure from the article, annotated by me:

Look at figure C that I labeled “Natural Immunity”. You can see that for over a YEAR (15 months), unvaccinated children were protected from reinfection, although the protection was not perfect.

Children in group A (all vaxed) were much less protected.

Compare that with the figure D I labeled “Unset Natural Immunity”. It shows the children who had Covid, but were vaccinated, saw their “protection from previous infection” drop to zero in just 7 months! (they were compared to vaccinated Covid-naive children).

Who did better? The kids who were not vaccinated, of course.

But this gets worse. Look at graph B on the top right. You can see that after vaccination, the “protection” of previously infected children, and previously UNinfected children, was almost identical and went BELOW zero in just 20 weeks! That means that vaccination removed natural immunity protection from previously infected children and replaced it with quickly-waning vaccine immunity.

So, to repeat:

  • Graph C shows decent natural immunity protection in previously infected unvaccinated children
  • Graph B shows an almost identical (and very poor) level of protection among previously infected vaccinated children, vs uninfected vaccinated children with almost no benefit from prior immunity remaining after vaccination.

This shows that the vaccine UNSET and REMOVED the natural immunity that they had prior to vaccination.

So, the natural immune children who get the vaccine, in this article, would give up their natural immunity protection and get it replaced by rapidly waning “vaccine immunity”. Not a great deal, right?

What is the mechanism?

Think about this for a minute. A child gets Covid and develops immunity after recovering. The immunity includes antibodies, B cells, T cells, etc.

Then the child gets “vaccinated”.

That somehow erases the previously acquired immunity. The charts above tell us that.

What is the underlying mechanism for this? I do not want to speculate! But someone needs to answer that question.

This is not totally novel. A viral pathogen called measles also can unset immune memory existing due to previous unrelated illnesses.

We have three possibilities:

  • (better) Does the Pfizer Covid vaccine delete only Sars-Cov-2 immunity?
  • (worse) Are Covid vaccines more like measles, erasing all immune memory?
  • (the worst) Are Covid vaccines WORSE than measles, preventing any future immune reactions from forming? Are frequent reinfections in boosted people happening because of this?

I cannot answer this based on just the above NEJM article. But I must note that there are plenty of anecdotes of vaccinated people having all sorts of frequent ailments, not just Covid, after vaccination, that should make us look into vaccines suppressing immune systems.

Polio Vaccine Epidemic

New York is having a strange epidemic of the “Polio vaccine virus”. It is called cVDPV, or circulating Vaccine Derived Polio Virus.

This term describes a modified poliovirus, administered orally in developing countries, and used as a vaccine against polio. This live attenuated vaccine (LAV) is dangerous and can cause paralysis and occasional VDPV outbreaks. (polio is dangerous too as you know)

The US is not using this live vaccine and instead uses the inactivated form, which cannot be contagious.

New York has always been exposed to polio LAV via international visitors. It has never been a problem. Now, highly Covid-vaccinated New York is declaring an emergency over this new uncontrolled outbreak of the polio vaccine virus.

The photo below shows a live oral poliovirus vaccine administered outside the USA. This vaccine contains a live virus that is spreading in New York and killed New Yorkers.

New York health authorities are talking about administering “polio boosters” to people, acknowledging that somehow the previously polio-vaccinated people are no longer immune to polio.

What changed? Why is this happening? Was the polio immunity erased among the people of New York?

What happened in the last two years, that allowed this totally unrelated (to Sars-Cov-2) polio VDPV virus to proliferate and breakthrough New Yorkers’ immunity?

Was New Yorkers’ immunity to polio unset by the Covid vaccine? Let me know what you think!

P.S. The amazing SuperSally888 posted a follow-up to my article where she listed several amazing instances of unexpected outbreaks of dormant diseases:

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