Covid vaccine induces NO immune response in 2-4 years olds, yet they are nefariously pushing it

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This New York Times article describes a “bold decision” by Federal officials.

Apparently, trials of the Pfizer vaccine (designed for a Wuhan virus that is over two years old and extinct) hit a snag among kids 2-4 years of age.

It turned out that, unlike in older persons, vaccines in little kids have no effect at all — and do not even produce an antibody response. This is a completely different issue from the one that we already know about “Covid Vax” — that antibodies that we produce wane over time, and do not even work well for Delta and especially Omicron. The problem with 2-4-year-olds is different and the “vaccine” failed to produce antibodies in the required quantity. This MSN article describes it.

The news is that despite the vaccine not doing anything at all, Federal officials decided to go ahead anyway and start vaccinating 2-4-year-olds. The official explanation, which is difficult to believe, is that “they want to start the two-dose regimen in hopes that third dose will magically start working”.

Think about it for a minute to let the criminality of this sink in

  • The “vaccine” does not work at all and does not produce “antibodies” in 2-4-year-olds
  • The “vaccine” is based on a virus variant that is over two years old and is no longer in circulation
  • Pfizer’s study of small children was extremely underpowered, could not possibly test efficacy due to a minuscule number of participants, and was not powerful enough to detect side effects.
  • Pfizer is a rich company and could easily afford 10 times larger sample size, but they chose not to. Why? Because then the “side effects” would be harder to hide.
  • Despite the vaccine not working at all, and FAILING TO REACH REQUIRED ANTIBODY PARAMETERS, “federal officials” want to start giving it to 2-4-year-olds anyway in “hopes” that maybe the third dose will change something.
  • There is obviously zero long-term safety data for “Covid vax” in small kids. Young children now are the people who will be working when we, hopefully, retire one day. They are our future.

Giving children a vaccine that is actually known NOT to work at all, against the law requiring “efficacy” for the EUA to be granted, is a crime and we need to understand why this crime is being perpetrated. I want my readers to chip in here with their thoughts.

The best possibility is that getting vaccines on the official childhood schedule gives vaccine that makes ironclad protection. So getting them in, via “EUA” first and then via “approval” gives Pfizer very ironclad protection from any future lawsuits.

If Pfizer can get to the youngest children and get this vax on the childhood vaccination list they are FOREVER protected against any future liability from ANY age group.

They will be able to push this garbage onto children without ever worrying that they can be held accountable for long-term (or any) detrimental effects.

That said, we need to do our best to stop it. I would say that if you read this article, agree with it, and do nothing, the crime against toddlers and other little kids will be on YOUR conscience too.

by Igor Chudov