Coronavirus and the bringing about of NEW WORLD ORDER!

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We are being flooded with the news about Coronavirus. Mainstream media is leaving no stone unturned in making it look like a global catastrophe. We are being bombarded with the news and events that have successfully created an atmosphere of fear among people. Many countries and world organisations have declared it an international emergency. 

I’m not saying it’s a not deadly virus but I can clearly see the big agenda behind this panic. What I’m trying to convey here is Governments are using this as an opportunity to bring about the rules and regulations, they so keenly wanted to implement. Its order about chaos. It’s like what Mr. David Icke says Problem, Reaction, Solution.

We humans always live under the fear of uncertainty. It is what is being taught to us in very schools, be very scared of the results. This fear can very easily be turned into chaos. And Chaos is the best weapon our governments utilize to bring about the order. If riots occur it becomes very easy to implement police state over the state.

Coronavirus and the new world order go hand in hand. It presents the perfect opportunity for them to present us the global order which everyone has to obey and each government of the world will cooperate in implementing it.  

They already knew it was coming!

There was a simulation exercise performed six weeks before the virus came into existence on October 18 2019. Which laid down the steps the governments and countries should take if such a pandemic should occur. The steps they laid down in order to fight the crisis paints a very horrifying picture. They want all the people whether rich or poor to become part of the system to bring about this global order. They want our money and resources and want us to live in fear of the epidemic which is already orchestrated by them

Watch this video where they says reforms necessary to fight the crisis:-

When I use the term Coronavirus and the new world order, it is the closest thing I see to bring about the vision they have been talking from the days of Herbert Walker Bush. Please understand I’m not saying not to take the necessary precautions but you should yourself try to paint the big picture in front of your eyes. When you can see the outcome it is not difficult to see the steps taken in order to achieve it. 

If one tries to match this with Bible prophecies, it says there will be global events and it will be the beginning of all sorrows but fear not for this too shall pass. And the end is not yet.

So I urge you to see the real culprit and fear not and try making people who are still living in darkness see the big picture.  

By Ankit Tayal