China doubles down on zero-soul policy

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The stuff of nightmares.

Beijing has stressed that its zero-soul policy should be unwaveringly adhered to as robots roam Shanghai’s streets in search of souls to snatch.

by Edward Slavsquat

China’s Global Times has an exciting update about the never-ending global campaign to crush your spirit and turn you into a bug-eating pod-person:

An unmanned nucleic acid sampling robot had been developed in Shanghai, equipped on a portable sampling vehicle and can replace human medical workers to reduce the risk of infection, media reports claimed on Sunday.

The 2.0 version of portable sampling vehicle “Sairi” and the sampling robot were co-developed by Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (SAIRI) along with Chinese car maker Chery Automobile Co and high-tech company JAKA Robotics, which is equipped with a visual detector to locate the participants’ oral cavity and finish sampling within 30 seconds.

SAIRI said 80 of the previous version of “Sairi” equipped with driver and medical workers have been deployed in six districts of Shanghai so far. The production speed of “Sairi” 2.0 with unmanned sampling robot will be fully accelerated after local pandemic [is] bought under control.

What joyous news. So these fancy unmanned swab-bots will continue to probe body cavities even after the “pandemic” is “brought under control”? Wait… Permanent Biosecurity is permanent? But what if the curve is flattened?

These robots are a true game-changer. Imagine automated Public Health. Imagine the possibilities.

In the meantime, manually administered humiliation rituals will have to suffice:

All living creatures must be swabbed, forever. Young. Old. Newborn. Doesn’t matter. Public Health:

After more than 60 days of soul-crushing lockdown, Shanghai residents are being let out of their cages for short periods of time. Well, some of them, at least:

No, contrary to the headlines broadcast all around China and around the world, Shanghai has not reopened. Despite multiple promises, even residents whose compounds have been without cases for over 14 days remain for the most part stuck inside their gates. Most stores including supermarkets remain closed.

Shanghai, like Beijing and several other provinces, is back to doing daily PCR tests. An exception applies to people who already got infected and have recovered. The current policy seems to be that the latter should NOT participate in mass tests.

Four out of 20 subway lines and 273 bus lines have allegedly reopened, but seem to be all but empty. Private cars without special permits remain banned from the streets. Describing this as ‘reopening’ seems like a stretch.

There has been some progress, however. Thanks to a fire, most of the street barricades were removed. Prior to this particular fire, Beijing’s planners apparently forgot that barricades might impede fire trucks.

Basically, everything in the city is still closed, except of course for government-mandated summer camps:

Don’t worry. Everything is going according to plan.

May 5, 2022 (source)

When does it end? ha-ha….