Stop using AI: ChatGPT is revealing users’ secrets, its creators are issuing urgent warnings

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A ChatGPT bug has been revealing the confidential conversations of users Credit: Getty

ChatGPT is becoming more and more sentient, it is recording users’ secrets, studying people’s behavior and evolving on a daily basis. It is not you but ChatGPT who is using you. Take it or leave it.

A CHATGPT bug has been revealing the confidential conversations of users.

Social media users reported earlier this week that ChatGPT has exposed brief snippets of other people’s conversations.

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a natural language chatbot powered by artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT can complete many tasks like answering prompts, writing essays, and even generating complex code in seconds.

On Monday, OpenAI uncovered the bug and temporarily shut down the platform, Bloomberg reported.

The AI platform was back and running on Monday night, but its history feature has been turned off since Tuesday morning, per The Verge.

“We’re working to restore this feature as soon as possible,” ChatGPT noted on its website.

On Reddit, users shared screenshots of several ChatGPT conversations they claimed were not theirs.

A spokesperson for OpenAI said that the bug came from an unnamed open-source software.

The bug is a reminder for users to never share sensitive or confidential information with the AI platform.

This warning has been emphasized by both OpenAI and cybersecurity experts.

Last month, tech journalist Glyn Moody detailed his concerns with ChatGPT in a blog post for Private Internet Access.

“One of the biggest problems with ChatGPT concerns your privacy and almost nobody’s talking about it,” Moody writes.

“The service can collect and process highly sensitive details from the prompts you provide, associate that information with your email and phone number, and store it all indefinitely,” he adds.

In order to use ChatGPT, users need to provide both an email address and mobile phone number.

And, as Moody points out, users cannot bypass this by using disposable or masked email addresses and phone numbers.

This results in ChatGPT being firmly tied to your online identity as it records everything you input.

“From those, it can learn a lot about your interests, beliefs, obsessions, and concerns – this is a highly capable machine learning system, after all,” the reporter says.

And because ChatGPT has the ability to engage in conversational dialogue, people can sometimes forget that it’s an AI system.

“In doing so, you may reveal things that you would never type into a search engine… and all of these personal facts are now tied to your email and to your phone number,” Moody noted.

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