CDC And UK Data Reveal The Astonishing Impact COVID Jabs Are Having On The Children Of the World

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Although many COVID-19 mandates are being rescinded, many governments continue to push and support the COVID-19 jab created by companies like Pfizer. Science has shown that both masks and lockdowns did very little to stop the coronavirus from sweeping the globe.

This, with the backlash from the general public, has led many states within America to start pulling back on the mandates and allowing the individual to make their own decision. Again, the narrative surrounding the COVID-19 jab hasn’t changed as the Biden administration and some key officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci support the drug. But unlike masks and lockdowns, the side effects from the jab narrative is having a way bigger impact than some might have thought.

In the video below, Pearson Sharp, of One American News, detailed how the Office for National Statistics showed that children who were given the COVID-19 jab had a death rate 52 times higher than those who weren’t given the drug. What is even more startling about the data presented by Pearson was the fact that this information was made available back in December, yet new outlets aren’t discussing it.

While both the Biden administration and big pharma have pushed for the COVID-19 jab to be approved for everybody, so far, it is only available for children five and older. It should also be noted that just a few weeks ago, Pfizer pleaded with the FDA to expand the use of the drug to children under the age of five.

On top of the harmful side effects it is having in children, adults are also noticing some negative reactions when it comes to the COVID-19 jab and the immune system. But even as the data that is used by government agencies is showing serious side effects and problems, the Biden administration promotes it as the best way to stay safe.

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