Canadians will require a COVID booster every nine months, says health minister

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by Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Welp, I wanted to be wrong about this…we all wanted to be wrong about this and yet, here we are.

While the recommendations are to get a Jab every 6 Months, you will be required to get one every 9 months, in the off chance that you catch COVID in between Jabs.

I can’t even believe that these motherfuckers can say this with a straight face and try to support it through the guise of Medical Advice…If you get COVID, you may want to just wait a little longer.

What is this going to mean?

They 100% are going to try to run this passport bullshit again…for travel, social outings, federal jobs, and Employment Insurance…we’re back to September of 2021!

How’s this been working out so far?

Welp, some of those who were just jabbed here for their 4th and 5th doses:


Are already showing up here:


As cases, hospitalizations and mortalities from COVID…the thing that was supposed to be reduced by getting the jabs in the first place.

Surely there will be a lot more who will be resistant and reluctant…given the current economy, rate of inflation and gas prices skyrocketing…how many will actually have a choice.

This isn’t just about – I’m going to take the vaccines so I can travel.

This will be 100% about, I need to feed my family.

But now that most provinces have thinned out their data and now that Health Canada has removed the above chart, it’s going to be harder to mount a strong case without data support.

It’s going get pretty scary, folks.

But for me, at least for now…I have refused to be tested and refused even my first dose and have absolutely ZERO plans to get in line now.

What about you?