Canadian Woman Died 7 Minutes After Bivalent Booster. Death Ruled “Natural Cause”

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The coverup puts similar people at risk of death!

by Igor Chudov

I regret to report some very sad news today. Carol Pearce of Saskatoon, CA, who always believed in science and took all recommended Covid vaccines, and was proud of that, died 7 minutes after taking a bivalent booster.

You possibly heard about Carol’s death a day or two ago, but now we have an official coroner report and an update from Saskatchewan Health: the death had nothing to do with the vaccine and the lady died from NATURAL CAUSES, 7 minutes after receiving her booster.

It does not take a genius to figure out that Sask Health is lying. But here’s what is bad: if they acknowledged and properly investigated Carol’s death as a vaccine death, they possibly could prevent similar deaths in the future.

Was Carol boosted recently prior to the “bivalent booster”? What was Carol’s Covid history? Was she possibly recently recovered from another bout of Covid-19? What could be done to keep people in a similar situation, safer? (other than canceling Canada’s useless vaccination program altogether)

We will never know because her death was ruled a “natural cause death” and thus covered up without investigating.

So, Sask Health, by covering up Carol’s death, is condemning other Canadians with health histories similar to Carol’s, to die due to the newfangled bivalent booster. All in the name of science and “vaccine uptake”.

Carol looks like a very likable and vibrant lady with a caring daughter and I am very sorry about her death.

Does someone need to be fired?

Should they use more than 8 mice before giving US “bivalent boosters” to millions of people?