Calling Covid jabs “experimental” is a psyop

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Assumptions like “the injections are an experiment” and “the virus leaked from a lab” give cover to killers

by James Hill

Assuming the Covid viral spike protein was designed as a bioweapon to bring both short- and long-term illness and death to its victims, and assuming it was no coincidence four ostensibly competing companies encoded the full-length spike protein as a sole antigen in their nucleic acid injections — allegedly without pausing to consider removing potentially dangerous epitopes (antibody binding regions) that induce autoimmunity — then it’s virtually certain the jabs are part of a military operation long past any experimental stage.

Experiments testing any classified weapon system are always performed, just in secret.

This means pathogenic effects of the Covid spike protein in mammals, including non-human primates and quite possibly humans, were well determined before the jabs launched.

Don’t assume because CNN and MSNBC didn’t tell you about it, it didn’t happen.

In other words, the perpetrators have done the experiments and know what to expect.

When media figures like Dr. Robert Malone refer to Covid shots as “experimental,” it implies leaders coercing jabs and vaccine passport enslavement are earnestly engaging in open, honest scientific inquiry and seeking study results to share transparently with the public, as scientists performing real experiments do.

We see this is not the case, in fact, like when they tried to hide vaccine trial data from you for 75 years.

Saying spike protein-coding injections are “experiments” in a bioweapon operation is nearly as absurd as claiming the SARS-CoV-2 virus “leaked” from a lab, another idea promoted by Covid gatekeepers. See herehere, and here.

Why was the US Department of Defense “chosen” to “coordinate supply, production, and distribution of [spike protein-making] vaccines” that don’t substantially prevent infection or transmission of the Covid virus?

Researcher Sasha Latypova has findings and opinions on this. See herehere, and here.

Your masters never seem to overestimate your gullibility, such as by getting you to wear masks, shutter your business, and stay at home starving until your VaxPass app turns green.