Brother Nathaniel Tackles the Jewish Question

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Brother Nathaniel says there is no such thing as a “good Jew.”

He is wrong. He is proof of that. So am I. We have embraced Christ’s Gospel: God is Love.

Not all Jews share the evil Jewish mindset he describes. Most Jews are clueless conformists, like people in general. Most want to assimilate and live and let live.

Society has blood poisoning because Satanist Jews (the Rothschilds) control the banking system, the bloodstream of the social organism.

Thus, they control Organized Jewry (including Zionism) and every institution in Western society – government, mass media, education, church the justice system, you name it.  Everyone and everything is controlled by money.

They control Left and Right. Their goal is to enslave and dispossess humanity in a Communist world government dictatorship (UN, WHO, WEF) using pandemics as a pretext. Their hatred of the goyim extends to Jews who are not part of this diabolical plot.

Over the course of hundreds of years, Western society has been satanically possessed by Organized Jewry.  Freemason traitors and criminals like the Clintons, Bushes, Donald Trump, Obama and Joe Biden are their proxies.

Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is Satanism.  Brother Nathaniel cites the Bible: “You who love the Lord, hate evil.”

He is one of only a few Jews with the integrity and courage to expose this cancer that is destroying humanity.

If you appreciate my work,  please support him.

Q&A With Brother Nathanael

by Brother Nathaniel

I get fan mail, I get hate mail, and I get lots of questions.

First Question:

“Why do you hate Jews so much?”

Well, why do you LOVE Jews so much?

They don’t love you.

They call you a dumb goy and your wife a shiksa which means an unclean animal from the Hebrew word shagetz.

I grew up in Judaism and Jews cringe when they hear a goy saying, ‘I love the Jewish people.’

They don’t buy it.

They know they’re not lovable.

Really now.

Any man of principle will ‘hate’ that which opposes his worldview.

It’s Biblical.

“You who love the Lord, hate evil,” says the Bible.

“Do not I hate those who hate Thee O Lord? Yea I hate them with a perfect hatred,” King David wrote.

“Reprove the works of darkness,” taught St Paul.

And no one does more works of darkness than the Jews.


One has to be in an exceptionally, lofty, high Spiritual state to weep over devils and to love Jews.

Nina-Jankowicz.jpgSecond Question:

“Is Nina Jankowizc, head of Homeland Security’s ‘Ministry of Truth,’ a Jew?”

Hard to say, I can’t find anything on it.  (Makow- Yes she is.)

Either way, it doesn’t matter, she works for the Jews.

Head of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, her boss, is a Jew.

Robert Silvers, Undersecretary for Strategy & Policy at DHS, who chairs the Disinformation Board, is also a Jew.

The Advisory Council for Homeland Security is packed with Jews.

Michael Chertoff, Jane Harmon, Ted Schlein, Michael Masters, Safra Catz, a dual citizen of Israel and America, Dmitri Alperovitch of the notorious CrowdStrike, Noah Bookbinder, Jamie Gorelick, and more Yids than you can shake a schtick at.

Their ‘schtick’ is to muzzle every goy.

Creating a scenario of self-censorship for the goyim for fear of losing their jobs, their social credit, and their bank accounts is the aim of the Jew-enabled ‘Ministry of Truth.’

Third Question.

“Can America be saved?”

Some say America is doomed.

The Jews own and control the media, Hollywood, politics, academics–(Randi Weingarten, a Jew lesbian, heads up the American Federation of Teachers)–and huge endowments to colleges by Jews give them dictating powers.

Collectively they’ve been grooming the next generation for the past two decades to hate Christianity, hate and snub American history, engage in weird fantasies, strange sex, confused minds, and perverse habits, with no capacity to think critically.

Does this bode well for America’s future?

If it were up to the Jews, America will merge into a global glob controlled by the Rothschild Dynasty and its agents at home beginning with the FED.

Yet, why do Jews get all shook up whenever some truth squeaks through the cracks?

They must have censorship because their house of cards burns down in the light of truth.

Their power is unjust and unrighteous.

It’s not built on the rock of Christian morality and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Only righteousness can fight unrighteousness.

Righteous Americans, what’s left of them, must stand up to the Jews.

Fourth Question.

“Why are you always begging for money?”

Some people call me controlled opposition.

Fact is, my Videos have no advertisements and are never sponsored.

I’m at complete liberty to speak the truth.  And I rely on my viewers for support.

I’ve been banned by PayPiss, Donor Box, Go F’ Me, Patreon, Click & Pledge, Network for Good, Subscribe Star, and tons more.

Then I’ve been banned by JewTube,, Vimeo, deranked by Jewgle, and of late, censored by Brighteon.

I hang on to the fact that my Vids are supported by my viewers like you.

JEWS-goyim.jpegFifth Question.

“What makes you an expert on Jewish affairs?”

I grew up in the synagogue and went to Hebrew School and Sabbath School from early childhood.

I remember my dad taking me to a B’nai B’rith meeting after Sabbath School.

B’nai B’rith, by the way, is a billion-dollar global Jewish Group that has many subsidiaries like the ADL.

At the meeting, the speaker was listing candidates for the next elections.

The question was, “Which candidate will be good for the Jews?”

NOT, “Which candidate will be good for the country?”

I became an American patriot, not a Jewish one, ever since.

Sixth Question.

“You talked about a new Hitler arising.

“Do you favor a final solution?”

I said if a new Hitler arises it’s because Jews bait and egg him on.

There has to be a strong leader who won’t take crap from the Jews.

Homosexuality first has to be dealt with. It’s cancer, pushed by Jews, that rots society from within by destroying the Gentile family unit-the core and center of responsible civil action.

With White kids now buying into and tolerating ‘gay lifestyles,’ the White race with its Christian roots and consensus seems fated to fall away.

The plethora of minorities the Yids are bringing in make it inevitable that only one group rises to the top, Jews.

Couple all of this with our financial system making it almost impossible for young marrieds to buy a home, our media pushing miscegenation, and inflation necessitating two working parents with the result of the Christian-hating state raising their children.

biden-jews6.jpgSeventh Question.

Why does the US government rag on Russia so much?

Because the US government is run by Jews, that’s why.

The State Department has three Jews at its head with a maniacal hatred of Russia:

Anthony Blinken, Victoria Kagan Nudelman, and Wendy Sherman.

You see, Russia has historically been a Christian country guided by the Orthodox concept of the “Symphony of Church and State.”

This, the Jews won’t stand for, since it sidelines the Jew from power.

And they’re heavily triggered that Russia does not go along with their homosexual agenda.

In Russia, exposing homosexuality to youth is a crime strictly punished.

The media there is thus restrained.

A Russian priest who lives there told me a while back that Europe sent a bunch of ‘gays’ to Moscow to do a ‘Pride Parade.’

The Russian cops stood by and watched as Russian men beat the crap out of them.

The ‘gays’ all black and blue were then hauled off to jail.

Russian society upholds Christian morality, cherishes its Russian history, and both are taught in its public schools.

Can we say the same for Jewmerica?

Last Question.

“Why is it always the Jews doing bad things?

“Why do they subvert and undermine the countries they live in?

“Why do they use their power to deliberately erode the society they are entrusted with protecting?

“Is it their upbringing?

“Is there some king Jew that gives orders to the rest of them?

“Is it the teachings of the Talmud?

“Or is it simply part of their genetics?”


Jews act collectively.

That’s why there are hundreds of Jewish organizations addressing the very same issues and pushing for the very same Jew-agenda policies?

destroyers.jpegThe collective mind of the Jew is destructive.

Once they committed the heinous crime of crucifying Jesus Christ and continue to maintain their identity as Jews, no good can come of them.

There’s no such thing as a “good Jew,” it’s an oxymoron.

The Talmud teaches the Jew to look upon the goy as subhuman and destined to serve him.

Is it coded in the Jew’s DNA?

After 2,000 years of hatred for Christ and hatred of the goyim, I’d say there is a genetic factor influencing Jewish bad behavior.

Only righteousness can fight unrighteousness.

Righteous Americans, what’s left of them, must stand up to the Jews.

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