Bill Gates Calls for Western Nations To Surrender Sovereignty to the WHO

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In news that should send a chill down the spine of every patriot, Bill Gates is calling on world leaders to surrender the sovereignty of their nations to the World Health Organization’s “global health emergency corps.”

The globalist elite are becoming increasingly arrogant and are now saying the quiet parts out loud. Whereas once this kind of talk would have only been possible in a dark and smokey back room, Gates is now sharing his vision for the dismantlement of US sovereignty in the New York Times op-ed pages.

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Declaring his support for the WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty, Gates argues that the WHO should be viewed as a global “fire department for pandemics” that seizes control of nations on a global level during health emergencies.

Once upon a time these views, expressed publicly, would have got a man strung up for treason.

The WHO’s treaty will essentially establish an unelected global authoritarian regime that will override local laws with global protocols if the United Nations agency declares a health emergency.

All 194 of the WHO member nations are set to vote on the amendments and finalize the new treaty by May 2024.

The accord will give the Chinese Communist Party-linked WHO ultimate control over U.S. pandemic policies such as lockdowns, censorship, masking, vaccine mandates, and public surveillance.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden publicly affirmed the U.S. government’s commitment to the agreement. This should be no surprise considering his family’s considerable backdoor financial entanglements with the Chinese, which in another era – again – would have got a public official strung up for treason.

Let’s just slow things down for a second and spell a few things out as clearly as possible. Bill Gates is the World Health Organization’s leading donor, ahead of both the US government and the Chinese governments.

And the same Bill Gates is demanding the WHO have the right to override the sovereignty of nations whenever they decide to declare a pandemic.

And don’t forget, this is the same Bill Gates who played a leading role in funding the gain-of-function bat coronavirus research in Wuhan that almost certainly caused the Covid pandemic in the first place.

This is a shameless, naked power grab by Gates and the globalist elites and it must not be allowed to succeed.

Coincidentally, Gates’ naked power grab comes at the same time as another one of his disastrous vaccines is causing havoc in the developing world. The African nation of Burundi has just been forced to declare a national emergency because an oral vaccine developed by the Gates Foundation has triggered a polio outbreak in the country.

We all know about Gates’ dark history in Africa and India, intentionally sterilizing young women with abortion drugs. The oral vaccine disaster in Burundi is a new chapter in Gates’ evil history, and it is playing out right now.

Health officials are reporting that children have been left paralyzed by the vaccine-derived virus and the scandal has grown so large that the WHO has even been forced to admit in a statement that Gates has caused a national emergency in Africa.

You would think this would be a newsworthy story – but mainstream media is completely in Saint Bill’s back pocket and wouldn’t dare report on the news that a sovereign nation has declared a state of emergency due to the disastrous effects of an experimental Gates vaccine.

Could this have anything to do with the fact he spends hundreds of millions of dollars in paying off mainstream media and fact-checkers every year, turning them into propaganda mouthpieces for the elite?

An investigation by the independent outlet MintPress reports that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has distributed $319 million in the form of over 30,000 individual grants to media outlets and fact-checkers.

Major mainstream news outlets including CNN, NBC, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, BBC and others are all beneficiaries of Gates’s funding. None of these outlets provide any notification to their audience that they are bought and paid for by Gates.

NPR was the largest recipient, accepting a whopping $24 million in funding. The Guardian follows with nearly $13 million. Unsurprisingly, Gates receives a free pass in the corporate media he funds. Generally presented as a kindly nerd who wants to save the world, the Microsoft co-founder was even unironically christened “Saint Bill” by The Guardian.

They are not calling him Saint Bill in Africa right now. They are mourning their dead and paralyzed children and cursing him.

Yet again Bill Gates has blood on his hands. And yet again he has been enabled by the spineless, duplicitous mainstream media.

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