Dr. Peter McCullough: Autopsies Show The COVID Shot’s ‘Fingerprints’ Are Everywhere, Including The Brain

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Dr. Peter McCullough recently shared the details of just how embedded the COVID shots make themselves into the human body, explaining that the shots leave a “fingerprint” from the heart to even the brain – something McCullough said is a “disconcerting” first in the realm of vaccines.

“We now know in people who have had autopsies, after being vaccinated shortly after being vaccinated, they’ve had autopsies – these were done in Vienna, Austria, and Germany – we can see the fingerprint of the vaccine everywhere in the body.

It’s in the brain, it’s in the heart, it’s in the bone marrow, and it’s in the reproductive organs and the lymph nodes. This is also a first, we’ve never had a vaccine that goes into the human brain. As an example, we’ve never had a vaccine go into the human heart. And so just these observations alone are very disconcerting.”

McCullough went on to showcase that in the past when new vaccines were introduced, bringing up the swine flu vaccine introduced in the late 1970s as an example, when adverse reactions and fatalities first started cropping up, the mass vaccination effort had the plug pulled.

“So, the first point I want to make is there’s a historical precedent in the United States on mass vaccination. And there’s been several of them, but one to recall is the swine flu pandemic, 1976, many of you were alive, 1976 I was 14 years old. This was going on Gerald Ford was the president. We had 220 million Americans. We had gotten to…a quarter of Americans vaccinated against the swine flu, and at 25 deaths and 550 cases a Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is a form of ascending paralysis, the program was shut down.”

He’d pointed out that with it having been the 1970s, there were obviously no social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook or even VAERS – McCullough explained that it was “just good old common sense,” that led to the mass vaccination program being halted.

Considering the numerous injuries and deaths attributed to the COVID shots since their rollout, McCullough emphasized during his speech that overall safety needs to be considered first with drug and vaccine development before crusading toward drug efficacy and expedited releases.

“New biological products, the point I want to make is we always demand safety, safety, safety. Some of you have heard me today with Juan, on the radio, where do we get the efficacy of the vaccines? What do the vaccines do? So no, no, we have to discuss safety first. We always discuss safety. Because if products are not safe, it doesn’t matter how good they are.”

McCullough then went on to use vehicle production as an analogy, such as when vehicles would “blow up” – the 1984 Pontiac Fiero comes to mind – and thus all produced models of that vehicle would be considered unsafe even if only a small fraction saw such catastrophes.

“It’s just like a car. If you have a car, no matter how much you like it – it’s attractive, it goes fast – if you drive that car off the lot and three out of 100 cars blow up and people die in the car – the car is not safe. It’s not going to ever get into commercial production. Drugs don’t go at all in commercial production if they’re not safe, so we demand safety, safety, safety.”

Source: RedVoiceMedia