ANTIFA And Blacks Lives Matter Just Killed A Police Officer

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At least 7,500 demonstrators took to the streets in Oakland last night, clashing with police and sparking arson attacks and vandalism across the city.

During the squirmish, two officers with the Federal Protective Service – a part of Homeland Security created to protect government facilities – were shot. Police are investigating.

‘Two Federal Protective Services officers stationed at the Oakland Downtown Federal Building suffered gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, one succumbed to his injury,’ the police department told CNN.

Two Officers Shot, One Killed In Oakland

Two Federal Protective Service officers were shot – one fatally – by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter rioters Friday night in Oakland, California, as violent protests across the US intensified over the killing of George Floyd.

The United States of America, able to repel any foreign invading force, is unable to prevent civil war from ripping us apart from the inside?

What we are watching now – police officers are getting killed in Oakland, the White House under siege, buildings burning block after block in cities across America – is the work of one hateful, nasty and evil reprobate, and you know exactly who I am talking about.

It is George Soros who funds Open Society Foundation, who writes the checks for ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter to get on buses and travel to far-away cities to cause mayhem and mischief.

It is George Soros who is willing spend billions of his ill-gotten fortune to rip America apart from the inside out.

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Federal Protective Service officer killed in Oakland

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