A doctor explains how vaccine poison from the first dose to the boosters

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8 WEEK Cycle of the Vaccinations – From 1st Shot to the Boosters – What happens??

A Natural Doctor with a patient load of around 1600 has discovered this. She wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons because if she is right, the ones behind this would not want us knowing and would do everything to destroy her.

She explains the first vaccine, the second vaccine and the boosters and what they do to your body.

The First 3 Vaccines and what they do to the body.

The First Vaccine: Contains saline and ingredients such as graphene oxide which is very destructive to the cellular system. This is destructive to the immune system, the thymus gland, the spleen, and all the white cells. It DECREASES White Blood Cell production by 50%. This is just from the first Vaccine.

The Second Vaccine: Then 8 weeks later which follows the white blood cell reproductive system, meaning your ability to make another generation of white blood cells is 8 weeks. This is why they set it up at 8 week intervals, they want to hit your immune system just as it begins to rebuild after the previous shot. In the second shot, they DECREASE the Saline and the INCREASE the Harmful Ingredients. This second dose attacks your ability to produce white blood cells by an ADDITIONAL 25%. So now you only have the ability to make white blood cells at 25% of normal.

After the second shot, 75% of your defense system has been wiped out.

The Third Shot – The BOOSTER: The booster has 81 strands of Foreign Bacteria that your immune system has NEVER seen before. So you have no Memory Antibodies to fight this and you only have 25% of your ability to produce white blood cells.

So what’s the result of this… what happens?

You begin to get Inflammation. It will hit people with predispositions the worst. If you are someone who has gut issues, you will experience gut inflammation. Whatever your personal predisposition is, it is going to increase this. Why? Because your immune system is down, it is low and cannot keep up.

SECOND BOOSTER: The second booster has 8 Strand of HIV. This pretty much wipes out all your white blood cells, which your body was already fighting hard to make. So this is officially called AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency. It just means your immune system is overworked and cannot keep up. You are now in DANGER of ANY Pathogen. It can be a common cold and that common cold can take over and cause DEATH.

So now you are walking around with virtually NO immune system and NO ability to rebuild the immune system.

From the boosters it is estimated that 20% of the population will die from each additional series.

They plan on having 3 more series of boosters coming out. I have read that there is a total of 8.

WHY would they have more come out? Because when your body cannot make White Blood Cells anymore, you become DEPENDENT upon the Boosters to survive. It is exactly like someone who becomes dependent on Insulin.

Big Pharma is looking for people that either die off, to manage population (control) and those who don’t die off – they will have reoccurring customers for the rest of their lives.

Every single animal that participated in these mRNA clinical trials had 100% death rate.

Just add to this: A CDC Whistle Blower came out and said the same thing and she said that people will begin dying about six months after the vaccinations and most will be dead in 3 years time. They estimate, all will die within 10 years.

Unfortunately, people think that this can’t be happening because surely their doctors would warn them. I have news for you, your doctors do not know this. They have NO clue. They are being lied to by the CDC, WHO and the FDA just like everyone else is.

There is a reason Dr. Robert Malone – the inventor of mRNA said this should NEVER be consumed or injected into a human being. Now they want our children vaccinated. It is time to wake up. This is a depopulation of the planet called Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. Meaning in this 10 year period they want the population to be 800 Million by the year 2030.

Biden says this is going to be a COLD Winter. That is what is he is talking about.

There NEVER was a virus period. It was the flu that was enhanced to be a new novel deadly virus. They used the PCR test to make it look real. As evidence came out they said “the media will be the engine that drives this.” It has and continues to be. Everyone who took the Vaccine has a ticking time bomb inside their body and they need to learn how to get rid of spike proteins and the graphene oxide. I have videos on this as well.

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