87% increase in appointments to heart failure clinic

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You are currently viewing 87% increase in appointments to heart failure clinic

by Joel Smalley

A few days ago, I reported on some alarming data from St Guys’ and St Thomas’ relating to their heart failure clinic activity:

Referrals to Heart Failure Diagnostic Clinic

It turns out the same alarm bells are ringing in Birmingham:

Still no cause for alarm according to the Public Health Authorities despite an 87% increase from July ‘21 to Mar ‘22 compared to the same period the previous year, with a monthly average of 183 appointments versus 98.

Are they just catching up with the backlog?

Doesn’t look like it to me. It looks to me like something triggered a sudden explosion of heart failure around the start of 2021, peaking in Sept and only now returning to usual levels.

And what are the “authorities” doing?

Pumping out bogus studies trying to convince you there’s nothing to see here.