5G and Intelligent Connectivity: A Plague To Consume Humanity

5G and Intelligent Connectivity: A Plague To Consume Humanity

The coming of 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of all things(IOT) together known as intelligent connectivity will be the final nail in the coffin for humanity. Well whether you want to believe it or not this baleful technology is the next sweet pill which is going rip you from your individuality. All those YouTube videos which talk about its menacing effects on the human body are just the tip of the iceberg. These millimeter waves which will be highly absorbed by our skin pores is going to be an experiment like never before.

Sweet Pill

The basic reason for rolling out this technology is to make machine communication faster. Things which are not possible by 4G i.e. augmented reality, tactile internet, and virtual reality. While you get mesmerized by its speed, each of your daily activities will be recorded and communicated on a global level. A person will be able to query a personal assistant regardless of wherever they are and 5G together with A.I will provide a seamless experience. A personal assistant could be Amazon Alexa at home, Google Lens when outside or your 5G handset. What’s wrong with that? The agenda is to make you totally dependent on these devices. So these devices will end up owning you and your existence will become merely of an object.
With augmented reality, one will be able to go on virtual vacations, have live sports experience sitting at home and will be able to have immersive gaming experience anywhere. The idea is to bewitch the human mind with virtual reality. With the Internet of things, every electric appliance would be able to interact with each other and you will have enchanting experiences with everyday activities. And tactical internet adding extra dimension to the internet of things making your communication with machines super fascinating and almost hypnotizing human mind to consider machines as real organisms.

Final Stage

Once people fall for this they can move on the final stage which is connecting the human brain to the cloud. Which google plans to do by 2030. Ray Kurzweil, a gentleman who sits atop this project plans for the singularity of human thinking. Technology reaching a realm which is beyond human control. What he aspires is the human brain to be downloaded into the cloud so no thought gets wasted and humans can have eternal life. What makes us feel alive is our consciousness and if it alone can be transferred to another organism then we can have everlasting lives. He loved his father, so he wants to bring him back by getting his DNA from his grave and combining it with artificial intelligence to recreate all his memories. If this is not insanity then god knows what is?


Troubling times are upon us. 5G can modify our cellular structure and cellular structure of our food. It can create distress and disharmony in our lives. But more importantly, it is going to make us hooked into this three-dimensional world. With virtual reality giving such spell bounding experiences people will be left asking for more. There will be no more place for human interaction as everybody will be talking to their personal assistants. A technological holocaust.

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